About Us

"Our team has the highest aspirations to exceed your expectations."

Nautilus Marketing was founded in September 2011 as a full service marketing company in Eastbourne, offering bespoke marketing services for small to medium sized companies particular within the service sector.

We offer all aspects of the marketing mix and endeavour to deliver our services on a very personal basis.

Besides their experience in marketing and design, all team members of Nautilus Marketing have a strong background in tourism and hospitality and are therefore familiar with marketing strategies within the service industry.

As services cannot be tried prior to purchasing, customers are more likely to avoid new products to reduce the risk of disappointment. A successful marketing strategy is therefore essential to stay competitive.

However, the benefits of paying for an in-house marketing team to improve sales can sometimes be defeated by the increase in salary payments.

By outsourcing your marketing activities to Nautilus Marketing, we can optimize your marketing campaigns and decrease your marketing expenses as you only pay for our services if and when you need them.

Our team at Nautilus Marketing has the highest aspirations to exceed your expectations. We will make your marketing campaign look professional and expand your customer base. Our aim is to work as closely with you as if we were your personal marketing department and to improve your existing marketing ideas or create new successful campaigns for you.

To be able to fit in at any point of your business cycle, all our marketing services are individually priced according to your needs and can be purchased in separate steps or as complete packages.

Just send us an e-mail to find out how we can gain more customers for your business and increase your sales.



We carefully analyse your target market and customer base.


We research the best marketing strategies for your business.


We find individual solutions to successfully increase awareness.